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Watch. From indie shorts, full length films, web series, and some amazing animation, Turnabout Media has you covered. Have something you want to the world to see? Turnabout Media’s team is spread throughout the world. From Texas to New Zealand, we have this media globe covered.

Listen. Hungry to share your music with the world but that cost of entry is a little steep right now isn’t it? Turnabout Media is taking your indie music, putting it front and center along with interviews from your band, music video hosting and the opportunity for Turnabout Media to produce your initial press kits. Rock on London, Roll over Chicago.

Play. Get your joysticks, gamepads, sweet headphone mics, mobile devices, and tricked out gaming PC’s ready. Turnabout Media is now offering the chance for indie game publishers to get the word out to the world. Turnabout is on track to start featuring indie game studios and their creations. Have a game that you would love featured? How does some global PR sound? Sounds good to us.

Repeat. Enough said. Turnabout Media lets you watch your indie, listen to your indie, and play your indie, over and over and over again. We are extremely excited about this next growth cycle with the company and are happy to have the indie crowd be glorified and promoted on our behalf, worldwide. Watch, Listen, Play, Repeat.